Fitness fear: how often do we want to do something but don’t?

If we think about what fitness fear is for one moment. Fear is somehow what we think in our brain that will happen to us if we do something good or bad. However, we always see fear as bad even though the outcome could be positive. So you have set something for yourself to do on the weekend. It is something that is going to have a positive impact on you. The anxiety you receive throughout the week is so great that when the weekend comes you don’t end up doing it. This happens to everyone all around the world.

You know that what you have set yourself to do is positive but the reason you don’t end up doing it. Is because you don’t know what the end result will be and that scares the living daylights out of you.

Like ‘I’ll start on Monday’

Who has heard this one before? As a personal trainer in Windsor, I have heard this one in the gym all the gym. Whether it is related to diet or exercise we always seem to put of what is good for us. It’s not just because you are scared. Its because you know that it will take hard work and effort to be able to receive the results you want.

It’s so easy to just say no and keep on as you are

The ease of saying no I’ll just do it another day. Is so easy that by the time you get to a point were it’s either to late to start exercise or have a healthy lifestyle. You just give up all together and you end up staying the same forever. In you comfort zone it may seem comfortable. But in reality you have this hard feeling of what you should of done a long time ago.

Don’t be lazy

It is going to be so much harder a long way down the line to get what you want. So you might as well start today. Build better habits for yourself by eating healthy and exercising. Once the fitness fear has gone and you are no longer scared to step forward. Then it is going to be so much easier to other things that you once thought were scary. Don’t be lazy and wait for the bad day to come. Make sure that the good day comes first.

Start now

The best thing to do is to start now. Call that gym and ask for an induction or call that personal trainer that your friend has told you about. Don’t be shy in this world, nothing happened to the person you stayed at home and did nothing but everything happened to the person you went out and got what they wanted. Start eating healthier and move more during the day and you shall the the results of what your body is capable off.