Bad weather: working outside in the snow as a personal trainer

Having the bad weather conditions the passed few days has been a great struggle for me as a mobile personal trainer. If you are a mobile trainer or outdoor client you know the pains that we all go through when it snows. We can all deal with wet weather it kind of come with the job role. But the snow is a different scenario for us all.

Travelling to the next client

Traveling to and from the next client is the worst. You have to either deal with delays on the roads or icy road conditions were everyone is going really slow. For good reason, its best to be safe than to be sorry. However, as a self employed trainer if you aren’t able to get to a session you lose out on income. So, you either take a chance on the roads or you reschedule the session. This snowy week the main roads haven’t been to bad, so I have been able to get to every session.

Working out outside

Now working outdoors in the bad weather is another situation. It’s been minus 5 degrees this passed week so it’s quite dangerous to train clients outside. They can end up slipping over or its just to cold to train. Now the die hard client won’t mind training and some clients are ok with it. However, it’s not always worth taking the risk if you look at the bigger picture. They still have to get to the session too and that can also cause a problem depending on how far they are coming from. You also have to think about the medication they are on and if they are asthmatic.

Having to change the programme

If your training someone in the wintery snow you want to keep them warm and off the floor. The mat work is taken out of the session and the rest periods are less frequent. Some of the session that was planned would be ok for the outdoors but I wouldn’t get anyone to lie down or have there elbow or hands on the floor. The extremities get cold first if you do this, So adaptation isa must in this situation.

Last note:

As a personal trainer in Windsor, I would like to say to every personal trainer and client out there. I hope you were safe in the bad weather conditions that we had and well done for continuing with your trainers programme.