How to breakfast: What you can do at breakfast to maximise your day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should be eating breakfast to maximise your productivity and energy during the day. If you don’t eat breakfast then I would suggest you start to. It’s the time of day that you wake your body and your metabolism up. If you get this right you will start to see changes in your energy and your body.


Having a routine enables you to be consistent with eating breakfast. Getting the right food in your body is crucial for optimum health and if you start this early in the day you are winning. If your breakfast consists of liquid, protein, veg or fruit and some carbohydrates then you are on the right track. If your breakfast is just a coffee or a cereal bar then you need to start to change.

3 Meal ideas

Porridge with fruit and seeds/nuts

Eggs on toast with vegetable

Whole grain cereal with yogurt and fruit

What there should be in your morning meal in terms or macro and micro nutrients

Protein is a must in the morning, it help you suppress craving throughout the morning and help repair muscle tissue. Having at least 20g of quality protein as a minimum. Your body is only able to produce protein synthesis when all amino acids are present as well as enough protein.

Vitamins and minerals are also a great way to start the day of right. This will minimise the any deficiencies you may have by adding in more fruit and vegetables. Your body also needs a certain amount of each vitamin and mineral for a healthy immune system and bodily processes.

Carbohydrates are what is needed for energy and the right ones need to be eaten. You should consider having whole grains such as oats or brown rice. This will get released slowly throughout the morning right up until lunchtime without getting a low blood sugar level.

Last note:

I’ve been personal training in Windsor for a few years now and what I have realised is that not many people eat breakfast. This is one of the first aspects of training I teach when first meeting a client. It makes sure that they have enough energy to get through our workouts and it also helps with having a great lifestyle.