In recent weeks I’ve spoken at length about taking responsibility for your own fitness.  How you can gradually become your very own fitness coach, and the importance of being activity engaged throughout.  Whether you start with online video’s or hire the services of a mobile personal trainer, it’s vital that you place yourself at the centre of the process.  This may sound horrifically obvious.  However, it can be easy to fall into the trap of allowing exercise to happen to you.  Putting yourself in charge of ‘Team You’ should be one of your first priorities when it comes to getting your training right.  Here, Leading Fulham mobile personal trainer, Nathan Kelly Says how.


Building the  ‘Team You’ fitness team

As human beings we are all social animals.  Some more so than others, admittedly, but at the end of the day we need to work alongside each other in order to survive.  When you take the decision to tackle your fitness it is no different.  You need ‘buy in’ from people around you.  Many of these you can simply enlist their co-operation, but there may be some that literally ‘buy’ in.  For example, you may purchase a gym membership or purchase the input of a Fulham mobile personal trainer.  Before you get to this point you need to decide who’s in ‘Team You’.

  1.  Friends and Family are so important to have on board.  These people can literally keep your programme on track on a daily basis just by understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Numerous academic studies have shown that exercise adherence and therefore success are greatly improved with the social support of those around.  We are talking about the people closest to you.  On board, they will take an interest and give you positive feedback.  If they’re not on board then they can derail your efforts through coercing you away from the gym!
  2. The Experts are those who will provide you with the technical input.  What to do, how to do it and when.  Choose you experts wisely so that they are aligned and fully understand what you’re trying to achieve and how you are trying to achieve it.  It’s very easy to simply do as you’re told when training.  However, whilst it makes for an easy relationship I’m not sure it’s always the most productive.  Ensure that your expert personal trainer understands you and how to tailor your programme to perfectly suit you.  Ask questions and work to understand the sessions that they are giving you.

Keeping your fitness team on track

Ultimately, this all comes down to communication.  Asking questions and being open and honest with your feedback should see you get the results you want even faster.  Being activity engaged ensures that you’re not simply performing a generic programme that’s rolled out to many others.  Do not be afraid to challenge questions or the programme – it’s the only way to move things forward and keep them moving forward.  Set the tone early.  Question and challenge at the first genuine opportunity.  Doing so may be uncomfortable but it sets the tone of your working relationships.


Investing the time, energy and money in getting fit means getting it right.  It cannot be a school physical education lesson – rock up, follow instructions without being noticed!  It’s your health and fitness.  You’re in charge.   NK Fitness are a leading Fulham mobile personal trainer with years of experience in helping clients achieve their goals.  We know what it takes to get the most from Team You.  For a free, no obligation consultation head to our website and complete the contact form.