Who is the best personal trainer for you and your needs?

As I walk in Virginia Water Park I usually like to people watch. I can see people working out but in the wrong way for their body type and I see people that need a personal trainer. You may not even think you need a personal trainer even if you are fit. However, you could be doing harm to your body and you don’t know about it.

Most of the time people contact for personal training in (Windsor) when all they want to do is loose weight. First of all you have to have relative strength in all your joints and core to be able to perform high intensity movement which help with loosing weight. Your process will be more specific at the beginning.

Choosing the right trainer

When you have organised a consultation and you have a number of questions you’d like to have answered before you hire the trainer. It is crucial that the trainer is 100% sure that he/she is able to train you. What I mean by this is that have they come to a conclusion on what should be done with your body to start your process. If you are a beginner and want to loose weight the trainer will have to realise this so that strengthening the muscles in the weak areas is complete before any weight loss can happen.

Asking the trainer general questions and getting the right answers.

Scenario: The client wants to loose weight as a main goal but has weak knees, upper body and core strength. They want to be as a active as possible straight away and want the weight to fall off with 1 session a week.

  • Question 1: How many sessions a week shall I be aiming to have with you?

In an ideal world you would want to see the trainer at the start at least twice a week to get you started. Then build you up to 3 sessions. Financially this might not be viable so that extra session would have to be done at home. The sessions start low so that the client can get used to working out if they are a beginner.

  • Questions 2: How long will it take me to see results?

It’s all about how much work you put in to it. This will include your diet. It will also depend what state you body is in. The PT will have to consider strength of the muscles and any muscle imbalances that have to be attended to.

  • Questions 3: How will progress get monitored?

This questions all depends on your goals as a client. As a fat loss client monitoring weight to see what is lost. Circumferences of all the limbs and the torso to see any changes. Probably pictures for visual recognition.

  • Question 4: How much does it cost?

The cost of a trainer will vary depending on areas. If your PT is a serious and has worked with a number of people. He/she will be sure of themselves and therefore will have a high price. They should also go through the cancelation charge. Which usually is 24 hours notice. If any less you would be expected to pay for the session that you missed.

Telling the trainer the right info so they can decide on what is best for you

Make sure you tell your potential personal trainer all the information about yourself. The more they know the easier it is for them to understand what you want to get out of it. It also indicated that you as the client are serious about your goals.

Last note:

Whilst personal training in Windsor, a consultations where the questions asked by the client aren’t that fulfilling puts the trainer off. Which indicated to the trainer that you aren’t serious about training. The trainer is going to invest time in you so they will want you to do well. The clients that show willingness and the ones that succeed with a trainer.