The comfort zone

A comfort zone is the area that you are most likely to stay in because there isn’t anything unordinary. You feel that no-one or anything can be a threat to you, so you end up spending a lot of time in it. Whereas is you step out of the zone parameter once in a while and got used to doing different things. It will feel like your comfort zone has got bigger. People tend to keep on doing the same old routine everywhere they go and that leaves no room for improvement. if you expect to grow in any way you have to embrace change. See the fear of doing new things as a strength because you know you will receive great joy and happiness from stoping up.

Doing something you see as dangerous

During my time in Canada I wanter to make it memorable for myself. This meant I had to do something that was scary, fun or something completely new to me.

My fun experience:

We went to a baseball game, it was Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox. I have never been to a baseball game before but I’ve been to numerous sporting events so I kind of new what the atmosphere was going to be like. Whereas is you don’t know what a sporting event is like. you must try it, it is something that you feel in the crowed that makes you feel like your part of something.

My scary experience:

When in Toronto I went up the CN tower which looks over all of Toronto. It was very high with magnificent views. You might think that this isn’t very scary. However, at the top they have a glass floor that look al the way down to ground level. You can stand and jump up and down on the glass. It makes you legs feel tingly and I was sweating quite a lot.

Trying something new:

IN an evening we went of quad biking in the bush/ forest. Now anyone who knows me knows that I haven’t really been on a quad bike before. Expect for maybe once but for not very long. this wasn’t just going round a field, we went through water and on dirt roads at more that 35 miles an hour. It’s safe to say that I was scared as well as thrilled.

Both of these experiences I see as dangerous and the scare me. Know I know what it feels like to do then. Next time I will be more confident and I will have expanded my comfort zone.

Doing something new

As a personal trainer in Windsor when I have clients come to me I know they feel exactly like I do when I try something new. The best way to overcome the feeling of anxiety and fear is to feel comfortable out of your comfort zone. So making them feel as ease it the number one priority and then they will have the opportunity to progress with there fitness journey. This is a great way to help your healthy lifestyle grow and flourish into what you dream about.