The Holiday is over, Is it time to start working out again?

This is a hard time of year for many people who have gone on there traveling adventures and holidays for a month. They now come back to normality and get back into there day to day routine. It sucks and every one hates the holiday blues form all the great times had away. However, to be brutally honest you have to start hiding yourself. If working out was part of your life before the holiday if should be part of your life after the holiday. Staying healthy isn’t just a one time thing, it is for ever. So I’m going to give you a couple tips to get you through the first couple of weeks back from the holidays.

Start back slow

Starting back with your trainer or gym can be a daunting thing. It can almost feel like your starting from scratch. You feel like it’s a little alien to you to actually do exercise. Thats because your body has been so relaxed in the holiday with not having to deal with the usual runnings a day to day routine. the first tip is to start of at the gym slowly. Don’t start of going 5 days a week. start with 2-3 and start to build back up.

Don’t push the same weight you did before

If you didn’t workout at all on holiday you will have lost some strength depending on how long you went away. So don’t start back with using the same weights as you finished with. This will make you exceedingly sore and you will be very uncomfortable when sitting after leg day. If you have to sit a lot with your job that wont be the best welcome back to normal life gift.  Start back with lighter weight to make sure you gradually get used to the weight you were at before. It wont take long, so this is just a precautionary measure I take when I come back from a holiday. However, I workout when on holiday.

The Holiday blues

If you don’t enjoy your job and you dreaded going back to work then you need to do something about it. Knowing that everyone gets the holiday blues to some extent when going on the holiday that they loved. Sometimes this might lead you into not wanting to go to the gym or working out al together. Because it makes you feel bad. If this happens to you I want you to go to the gym anyway. Start moving and start exercising. You have to remember how good it made you feel before you went away.

Last note:

As I do my personal training in Windsor, I would of though 5 years ago I would have hated getting up at 5am when i got back from a holiday. Whereas I actually had no problem with waking up before the everyone else in the street and going to my first session. The roads are free and the air is fresh, it might be dark now but I except that in the winter it will be dark. You need to expect the things that you might be worried about after a holiday and just embrace them. You will feel a lot better about you normal life it will start to feel like a holiday.