How you feel when committing to a personal trainer

I have discovered that there is freedom in what personal trainer you chose. If after the consultation you don’t like them, you have the choice to choose another. Once you do find a personal trainer that suits you. The feeling of liberation starts to set in. There is so much opportunity in choosing a trainer out there. That rejecting the alternatives and distractions in favour of who you have chosen will make you feel more satisfied in who you have committed to.


Commitment give you freedom because you’re no longer looking for the help you need. Now achievements with your trainer can start to unfold.

Commitment gives you the freedom because your no longer distracted by the other trainer. It hones your attention and focus, directing you towards what is going to most effective at making you fitter. The decision making of commitment is easier now because it removes any fear of missing out. Keep in mind that what you have committed to is already good enough.


The right trainer allows you to focus on highly important goals and achieve a greater degree of success. Rejecting the alternative trainers that do not align with your most important values will give you the answer not to choose them.

Breadth without depth

Yes, breadth of an experienced trainer is highly necessary and desirable when choosing a trainer. After all you have to make the decision and discover if he/she is worth investing in. The gold is buried at depth. You have to stay committed to your trainer and your training to be able to dig it up. This is true in everything we do in life, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

I personal train in Windsor, having many people stay with me over the years is what commitment really is. Once you have reached the gold you have to keep going just to look at it every day.