PT thought of the week: Is age a factor when working out?

There will be a lot of people out their that will want to know the answer to this I’m sure. A PT can help. Age can be a factor when you workout, but not if your clever about how you go about it. You have to make sure that the training is correct for you thats why having the expertise to help you makes a big difference. Lots of people just shy away from it not knowing that you can do a whole world of good for your body and your lifestyle. If you workout or where more active during the weeks. This applies to all ages, even leading up into your 70’s and as young as under 10. Why do you think kids are always active.

How old is to old?

In a nutshell, you are never to old to exercise. It keeps you mobile and healthy. If you have something to live for you will want to workout to prolong your time on this planet. As a personal trainer in Windsor I work with a number of mature client who say they wish they had kept up some sort of activity in there 30’s and 40’s.

The exercise that is appropriate for your body will be different to a 20 year old. Tis all come with the territory and how you physically feel. As an old individual you might have issues with your hips or back. If you have a personal trainer he will have to take these issues into consideration and come up with a plan.

How young is to young?

This is where a parent of a child has to make the decision. If your child is not active and your worried about them gaining weight or are over weight. A personal trainer is something to consider. At a young age it is very hard for an overweight kid to have fun with there friends in clubs etc. The reason being that kids as cruel to each other. A personal trainer can help bring the weight down in a fun way for the child to be able to start a club with out the hassle of bullying.

My answer is yes a child can workout in a very simple way. Using there body weight and making it fun. Kids need to release energy, it is what they do as there grow up otherwise they start to gain weight. If as a parent you can prevent weight gain at a young age, it will help them leading into adulthood.

Last note:

Never be to shy to ask and explore your options. It will be the best thing for you if your over 50 or your child if they are young and not active.