I have previously posted about the huge growth in sports supplements. In addition I have posted about different supplements for sports performance. However, many people who seek out Expert Personal Training in Twickenham, London, are looking for weight loss.

Is there such a thing as a magic pill? How about a semi magic pill? Either would be good and many products sell themselves as exactly this.


Types of Weight Loss Supplement

Blockers – Supplements that stop the absorption of fats or carbohydrates.

Stimulants – These supplements increase thermogenesis. Essentially a chemical process in which the body burns calories, producing heat.

Metabolic Adaption – Products that change your metabolism in order to improve body body composition.

Surpressers – Supplements that act to suppress the appetite or make you feel full.


Do They Work

Essentially, no. The study linked below found that none of the products tested provided significant weight loss, particularly in the long term. While some products did lead to a small loss of less than 2kg they have little or no further evidence to support their effectiveness.

However this doesn’t mean you should empty your cupboards. A number of products where found to aid and complement a healthy lifestyle. These included green tea, fibre and calcium. So there is no magic pill, but you may consider the above mentioned a semi magic pill… Only if they are used in addition to a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle!


Not The News We Were Hoping For

We all already knew this. If we’re honest with ourselves we know there is no short cut. It is also important to remember that research results can be effected in a number of ways. For example, where products tested along side a strict diet plan, was exercise completed along side supplementation, what was the sample size. The list could go on.

If you do still feel the need to take a pill on your journey towards smaller jeans then make sure you don’t take everything at face value. There is no supplement for hard work – cliche I know, but true.