Going into the gym without a clue

Now we have all been there, you go to the gym to see how much muscle you can put on your upper body. it seams like you think it looks cool to have big arms which it is, just not when they aren’t in proportion. You end up doing the simplest workout that consist of curls and extensions, with no compound movements in sight. With the thought that this will give you the results you want. I see this every day in the gym by guys in there teens, “trying to get buff for the summer”. This is the wrong what to go about it, you must first build a foundation of the main movements in the gym.

Learn the main compound movements for all round strength and size

The main compound movements to learn are:

Back squat      Deadlift         Bench press          Over head Press          Pull ups        Bent forward row

The idea of these compound movements is that they use a multiple of joints in one lift. Your body will be stimulated at a much higher rate than if you purely did isolation. You should aim to practice these in sets/reps 4×10-12 to start off with. This is called hypertrophy which will enable your body to grow and set the movement patterns into your central nervous system. you should start off on a light weight and build up as your body gets stronger.

Thinking that curls will give you strong arm

If you do what strong arms there are 4 out of the 6 compound movements that I have given you that build a strong upper body. The movements will also make sure your body is in proportion from front to back. If you want to add in some isolation to help out muscle imbalances add them into the workout at the end. You should get your main movements done first.

Follow the guy who does legs and upper body

When you are young you tend to look for inspiration in the gym. Start to look towards the guys in the gym that have a well rounded routine. You will soon see that the compound movements are the foundation of their routine as well. The pattern will also stay true though others in the gym that are training. The other option you have is to seek out a personal trainer that can show you the correct exercises and form process. You could also ask them for a programme to start. Your routine will then have the best chance of success in the right areas.

Last note:

As a personal trainer in Windsor I see the benefit of young guy and girls seeking out PT’s to help them on there way. Let your personal trainer know what your goals are. Get him to take you through the exercises in a programme that he/she has written. And then the gym is your oyster.