Youth fitness: encourage your son/daughter to exercise and train

When walking around surrey and Berkshire towns I see a number of teenagers that don’t look after themselves. I can see this by a group of youth’s standing outside a Mcdonald’s smoking a cigarette and going into eating a burger. Right there are two aspects of health that they’re getting wrong from the start. This isn’t every young individual, I just worry that they will pass there bad ways onto there children. Meaning that youth fitness will dwindle away in the future. Which will also start an epidemic in bad health in the future to come. Kind of like we have a number of obese people in the UK.

Starting early makes a foundation

If you start letting the youth know that it’s good to exercise in the form of sport of strength and conditioning. This is the time that build a great foundation for the children to grow on. A great foundation give the youth a better chance in being healthier throughout the rest of there lives. This will give generations to come a better chance too.

Be an influence for the youth

Everyone who is in the fitness industry or who has something to do with sport has to be a positive influence on the youth. Starting something that can enable you to pass on your knowledge towards the children. Is a powerful concept because they will tell friends and when they grow they will show the kids that are in there lives.

Eat a healthy diet in your household

The diet you eat as a child has the biggest impact on your diet when your an adult. I had a brilliantly varied diet with fruit, vegetable, meat, cheese, legumes, nuts and seeds etc. Don’t get me wrong i still ate bad foods, but I knew there were bad for me. And now i go to the shop and I get broccoli and a varied of fruit and veg. It could of been a different story and I wouldn’t be going to the shop to get healthy food.

Last thought

As a personal trainer in Windsor, I have had a number of situations that I’ve passed on my knowledge for a healthy lifestyle. Which will enable the youth of think about what they do about exercise and what they eat. I plan to continue on influencing the youth about youth fitness and food.