As the fitness industry continues to grow and people start to become more aware of health & wellness, there’s been a huge rise in social media motivational pages. My news feed is continually filling up with “suggested pages” overloaded with motivational quotes and images. As I scrolled past another advert telling me to “seize the day” it got me thinking! Do people actually respond to this stuff? Have we become so desensitised from ourselves that we need a computer screen to get us motivated?


What Do These Pages Actually Do?

Each and every one of these pages, pictures and quotes are all external motivators, coming with outside of our body. They are aimed to inspire us, persuade us that we can do more with our lives and better ourselves. But is a picture really enough to do this? We can read as many quotes as we like, look at all the images in the world, but at some point we need to make the conscious decision to get up and do something for ourselves.


Can It Come From Within?

Intrinsic motivation comes from within us. We decide we want to do this. Whether WE want a new body, WE want to reach a fitness goal or WE want to improve our quality of life. It’s your decision and these thoughts encourage us to work for what we want. No need for a picture we saw online.


The Best of Both Worlds

However, everybody in life, will, at some stage reach a plateau, a low point, a bump in the road. It is at these moments when our internal motivators will not be enough. We will not find it within ourselves to get up and do something. So how can you prevent this from happening?

As an Expert Personal Trainer in Richmond, London, I feel it is important to have a good balance of internal and external factors to keep you focused. Find out why you want to exercise, what you want to achieve and how you can motivate yourself from within. From here use external factors, such as fitness pages to strengthen this motivation. “Like” a page “follow” someone on twitter, But always ensure a healthy balance.

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