Look, listen, learn. We spend so much time aimlessly trawling through our phones. Make use of your time – subconsciously you are likely to take on board a great deal of information. Checking out  the right people on social media will may just help! So, who to follow on social media?


Toby’s Top 3 Social Media Follows

  1. From the CrossFit Games Athlete & creator of Revive RX, Marcus Filly. Functional Bodybuilding provides accessory and supplementary work that can stand alone or assist any training program.Have a look here!
  2. For all you rugby players out there, this one is for you! Rugby Strength Coach on Instagram provides an insight into professional strength and conditioning. Not into rugby? Not a problem, a large amount of the information is transferable to multiple team sports and individuals.Have a look here!


  3. Staying up to date with all the research and information out there can be difficult. Science for Sport regularly post up to date, reliable studies. They often post the work of Yann Le Muer who we also avidly follow!Have a look here!


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