You cannot escape the world of Rugby once you have stepped off the train at Twickenham station. Pretty much the first thing you may see if a banner reading ‘The Home of English Rugby”. Personal Training in Twickenham & South West London, means I come into contact with athletes playing all levels of the game. One of the most commonly asked questions is ‘What can I do to recover from games?”. Have a read below of my guide to enhancing recovery for rugby.


Get Your Basics Right

Rugby is sport, sport is fitness, the principles of recovery are much the same!

  • Rehydrate
  • Nutrition
  • Rest

Replacing fluid lost during exercise is essential. Without it, many bodily functions will operate at a low level. Try weighing yourself before and after a match, this will show you how much water you have lost during the match.

Eat. Your body will be craving fuel. Carbohydrates and Proteins. You can go for a 50/50 split on your plate, the nature of the game means you will have been burning carbohydrates for energy. Without replacing these, you have significantly lowered stores for energy.

Rest up, take it easy. Give your body a chance to recuperate.


Further Methods of Recovery

  • Ice baths
  • Compression clothing
  • Electrostimulation

Ice & contrast baths have shown positive effects in improving neuromuscular performance and delayed onset of muscle soreness.

Despite mixed research and findings, many studies show compression garments can help decrease the effects of sport and exercise. Try it for yourself!

It may seem a bit crazy for some people, yet shooting small electromagnetic pulses through your body may just be the key! Make sure you talk to your GP or health professional before buying an EMS machine from the dodgy guy on the corner though!!


Do the Simple Things Well

Before advancing to expensive machines and clothing, get your food, drink and rest sorted. From there, if you so feel the need, look to further methods to aid recovery.