Getting to the gym isn’t always the simplest thing to do, I get that. Work, family, friends and many more things can get in the way. However, this does not meant you can’t workout. You can still get good work done quickly & effectively from home. I you don’t want to waste 10 minutes searching online for a workout, here is a guide to creating the perfect home workout.


Establish Available Space

Before you begin, decide on where you’re going to work out. The size and surroundings will have a big effect on what you can do. Try finding a room with the most floor & head space. If the weather allows and you have a garden then you’re decision should already be made. Things to consider;

  • Floor Space
  • Headspace
  • Surface (Grass, concrete, carpet etc)
  • Furniture & Breakables
  • Furniture / Objects that can be incorporated.


How Much Time Do You Want To Train

Training at home may often be down to convenience. It is important you know how long you want to be training for. A simple time frame can make it much easier to build and structure your workout. Time considerations;

  • Warm up, Cool down
  • Total time training
  • Do you want to intervals?
  • What rest periods do you want?

You may want to start with the total time you want to take. From here you can work out your work to rest intervals and then add exercises.


Do You Have Equipment

Not being at the gym doesn’t mean you don’t have equipment available and ready to use. You may need to be a little imaginative and adapt some exercises. If you have “proper equipment” then it’s easy to make a list of equipment. Other items you may want to consider using include;

  • Nature – Trees are great pull up stations
  • Stairs & hills for sprints and jumps
  • Back packs – a loaded pack can be just as useful as a weights vest
  • Water bottles – 1litre of water = 1kg


What Is Your Goal

Establish a purpose for your training session. You may not want to go down the rabbit hole and thats fine! Simply establish what you want to focus on at this time. Ideas workout goals may include;

  • Aerobic Conditioning – Lower intensity and longer work periods
  • Anaerobic Conditioning – High intensity work periods and more rest
  • Strength – For try strength, do you have enough external resistance to elicit correct response?
  • Muscular Endurance – Bodyweight, continuous movement and high reps
  • Mobility – You may just want to focus on your movement


When planning expert personal training sessions in Twickenham, London, I will take all of these things into consideration. Building the RIGHT workout is way more important than simply building a hard workout. If you would like any advice on creating personalised plans and workouts, please feel free to get in touch.