Intro (PT course)

When I was doing my PT course I was thinking that I would be able to work in a gym and would have clients all day. At the times I would want to see them. This is very far from the reality. If you are booked up early in the morning you can’t resell that 6am slot. So you will either have to not take on a potential client or make space at the end of the day. Whereas you are available most of the day, lots of people work a 9 to 5. Which then determine your work day. I will cover this in the coming paragraphs.

IN the PT course they teach you how to set up a training session and how to teach certain movements in the right way. The anatomy of the body is covered so you can help people understand how the body works. However, I feel like there should be a section of the course that covers the real tough truths about the job.

Early morning

You have just passed the PT course and you need to get some experience in a gym or seeing clients whilst mobile. You have been waking up to get to your course by 9am or 10am. Now you have to start waking up at 5am to be able to fit in clients before they all go of to work. Your usual wake up time is 7:30 or 8am and now you have to wake at 5am.

This is a massive difference in sleep and it takes getting used to. If you are a hard grafter you will make it happen. Your sleep wont be as good as before because you start to worry that you wont wake up in time. So you set 2 alarms to make sure you get up. It will be this at the start, but once you get used to it it will be like second nature.

Blogging on a website to get leads

If you haven’t written since school and your an older student. This is going to be a tough part, it was for me. Not being a person that was or is good at writing, it will be hard to start thinking about grammar and the way words go together. Practice does make perfect. Well not quite perfect because a blog is your thoughts and interests at a given time of the day or year. Blogging to get on the top page of google so you have a better chance of receiving leads is what you want to do. I believe that this should be part of the course, learn to write blog articles that are going to help you with SEO (search engine optimisation).

Long days with massive gaps

When you start early and finish late because you have to work around other peoples schedules. Leaves a big gap in the day. This time has to be used wisely otherwise you can get into a habit of just relaxing. When you should be making it productive. This time should be used to sort out your accounts for the end of financial year if you are self employed, blogging, working out, and working on other aspect of the job. It is hard to make good use of this time but once your in a routine. It will start to make sense why you have this gap. However, you will reach a point when this time wont be there anymore.

If you aren’t in a team of trainers, it can be very lonely.

In a PT course you feel like you around like minded people and ideas flow very easily. By the time you finish the PT course. You will have to go out in the world to practice your trade you can say goodbye to this. Unless you are in a team of trainers that work well together. It can be a lonely job as a mobile personal trainer. It you don’t get your networking with other trainers correct. So you will want to find other trainers to bounce ideas off. This will enhance you creativity when it comes to writing plans and introducing new exercises to clients.

Last thought:

I have been personal training in Windsor now for the last couple of years. You reach new challenges everyday as a trainer. You get used to working everything out and finding a solution to problems that crop up. Always be positive about everything and positivity will come your way. Especially when your woking a job that you love.