I started CrossFit in 2012, at that point there were only a handful of CrossFit competitions and barely any scaled or online divisions. Since then there has been an explosion of local, team, scaled, pound for pound, national and international competitions. It only takes a simple search of Facebook to discover numerous events near you, there is even an entire group for competitions across Europe.

This was inevitable really when you look at the rate of expansion of CrossFit. Surely this can only be a good thing? More competitions means more chances to take part and potentially win some prizes. It also means more opportunities for vendors and companies to showcase their products. However, is there a case of too much of a good thing?


I’m Not Just Having A Moan!

Before people think I’m just being cynical, I want to look into the positives of increased competition. As mentioned, more competitions mean more opportunities to compete. With most competitions now offering scaled divisions it means everybody gets a chance to take part. The whole community can be involved, which is one of the key aspects surrounding CrossFit, community. Gone are the days where only the elite members of your box would head off for weekends around the country.

Companies are also spoilt for choice. Competitions generally have some form of vendor village, along with opportunities to sponsor judges, competitors and winners. Much like the athletes, this gives smaller brands plenty of opportunity to promote themselves and gain recognition.

On top of all this, we can’t forget the organisers. Smaller scale events are often run by the coaches and box owners. More often than not profits are used to improve facilities, purchase new kit or in some cases give to charity. Larger scale events are normally run by CrossFitters as well. For them to earn a profit by giving something back to the sport they love is never a bad thing in my eyes.


Is There A Case of Too Much?

With all the positives, how can there be too much of a good thing? I simply think it’s worth thinking about. I feel sometimes people will enter events just because they are there, e.g. online qualifiers.

Somebody who has little or no experience in competition will sign up (normally for a fee), complete a number of workouts in their box, then do nothing more with it because they haven’t qualified for the finals. Is this really competing? Would you benefit more from finding a small local event, compete face to face, gain experience, have fun and support the local community? I do appreciate that people want to compare themselves to others further afield, but the worldwide open is perfect for this!

Spectators also have so much choice but they can only be in one place. With so many events happening at any given time, spectators are spread far and wide. This can lead to some amazing events with equally amazing athletes being poorly spectated. In turn, this has a direct effect on the vendors also attending the event. With so many events available, those who were once the spectators are now the athletes, so who’s coming to watch?


My Final Thought

In conclusion, I think that the expansion of the sport and opportunities available are brilliant. In addition, I feel everybody should compete in some way, irrelevant of their ability and skill. Competition can bring so much more out of people and open their eyes to how much they can achieve and how far they have come.

We just need to be sensible with how we go about it, don’t compete for the sake of competing, find an event that suits you and get involved. Similarly, don’t put on an event just for the sake of it. Offer something of high quality and get the right people taking part.


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