Sources of Nutrition: The power of the right foods when training

Everyone who is into keeping themselves healthy will know that food is one of the main concerns when maintaining a healthy body, immune system, muscle stimulus etc. If you want to know what nutrition is best to eat for building muscle, having healthy skin, bone density, hormone production and fat burning. Then you either have to research what is best or you have to ask other people who are professionals.

In fitness, one of the reason of working out is to be able to build muscle. Lots of people think that just the gym will make them build muscle. And it will to an extent, but it the food that you consume that will give you the best results. This involves eating 1.4-2g of protein per kilo of lean body weight. Which is the amount of protein to repair muscle tissue that has been broken down in the process of working out. Carbohydrates are to be consumed to replace the glycogen in the body that has been used as energy.

But what is the best protein and Carbohydrate foods?

Many think that any two chickens are the same in the amount of protein that they have in them. This is simply not true, if you take a chicken from a factory farm and a chicken from a free range farm. You will find more protein in the free range chicken because it has had the time to run and roam. The free range chicken has also been feed a better food than the factory farm.

We eat carbs and think that we will be able to burn it off. However some carbs are digested and releases a lot faster of slower. If you eat grains they will be releases slowly as energy. If you eat refined sugars or flour they will be releases quickly in the body.

So you will need to think about if you need energy straight away or if you r body can wait for the energy. This is one of the main reasons many athletes aren’t fat because they know when to eat the right carbs.

And where can I get good mineral and vitamins?

If you buy the sam fruit and veg week in week out, you will most likely have a mineral deficiency. Depending on the variety of fruit and  veg. If you pick a small amount of fruit or veg this is most likely not going to go down well for you immune system. You need to eat seasonal food as well as food high in certain minerals and vitamins. If you are lacking in nutrition and you have a symptom. Try and get tested by your GP and do something about it with your diet.

The best source of fruit and veg is from the ground in your back garden or from the local farmers market. You can rest assured that it has been grown well in soil that is full of nutrients.

Best places to get Meat and Fish:

  • The local butcher
  • the local fishery
  • Farmers markets


Best places to get carbohydrates

  • Farmers market (fruit and veg)
  • Supermarket (pasta, rice, grains)

Last note:

As I do personal training in Windsor, I like to suggest to my client the best places to get all there nutrition produce. If they want to get to there goals quicker you have to look after the body. Which means putting the right food in the body.