Fitness goals: Is it best to focus on a big or small goal?

In fitness we all talk to our clients or gym goers about what there main fitness goals are. We daily hear that they want to either loose weight or gain muscle. Unless your in a strength and conditioning environment. The thing about these goals is that they are big goals that are reached throughout time in the gym working towards your small goals.

How to get to a big fitness goal by using small goals?

If you continually get obsessed with the big fitness goal and you see that you aren’t making enough progress. Then you are going to fall of the waggon and quick before you even get to the big goal.

The best way to get the the larger fitness goal is to set a number of small goals that lead to a large fitness goal. This way you are able to keep track of what you have achieved in that time. If you have set it to be sustainable then you will gradually achieve the main goal.

This sort or goal setting will give you a sense of achievement to strive you to go forward and do more.

What happens when you achieve your main goal?

There are many that get to the goal they want to reach and think “I don’t need to workout anymore”. That isn’t true once you reach a fitness goal you will want to keep it going by setting new goals. The only reason people think that they can stop after loosing weight is because they haven’t put in hard work to achieve success. What i mean here is that they have starved themselves to try and look good. They have given up there health to gain image of what they look  like. This is unhealthy and will come back to haunt you many times in your life.

Set a new goal and keep on bettering yourself. I still amaze myself every week in what I achieve. If its a new movement or a new exercise that I haven’t tried before. There is always space for more learning.

What can a personal trainer help with?

Personal training in Windsor with client that have a number of different goals. What we do for our clients is make sure that they are on track and not loosing faith. This is done by reassuring them that what ever fitness goal we have set together is achievable. No matter what obstacles get in the way.