Why do people get selected for pro sport or talented subjects

Once you surpass a certain amount of talent or academics. The more talented you are doesn’t determine wether you are going to be even more successful. It all comes down to the people skills and social skill you where taught by your older peers as a child. The way your parents treated you as a child can have the biggest effect on how to get to open the next door of success. It doesn’t matter if your the most talented in the world. If you can’t have a social interaction with someone that can put you in contact with a scout or a scholar. Then you can’t open that next door. This has got to do with the rich and the poor man’s way of parenting.

If they are rich, poor or somewhere in between

The difference between poor and rich is very different. Especially in the way that they interact with their kids.

Poor family and kid: The parents are always working and have no time to spend with the child. Letting him fend your him/herself when it comes to situations that they might need guidance with. The poor family usually delegates jobs in society, like a school teacher is there to teach them and if something isn’t going right. the parents don’t like to ask questions. Because they think the teacher is a higher authority.

The rich family and kid: The parents have more time to spend with the child. The child is able to have a productive schedule to work on activities that he/se might like. This will include sports and academic subjects. The parents let the child do some of the group up talk. Like letting the child prepare questions before they go to the doctor. So, the child can see that asking questions gets you somewhere especially when they are of higher authority than you are. This enables them to have a sense of entitlement. It enables them to ask questions when things haven’t gone the way they want them to go. Which then leads them to a conclusion of wether they should try again and not just let it rest.

How your parents brought you up

Your child hood is the foundation to your adult life it’s were you learn the most about what its like to be an adult. If you parents are always working and havent got time for you. You are going to learn that you need a job that you work really hard on to survive. Instead if your family don’t work as much but can afford to let you have coaching sessions. Then you are going to ask questions on how your mum or dad are able to do that. The mind then learns that you don’t have to work all the time to get by, you have to be able to gain assets and investments that pay you. Your parents will show you how they do it so that you can do it yourself.

Connections and situations as a young person

In this day and age anyone can be poor or rich. It doesn’t matter about race, it matters about how you bought up and who your mum and dad knew. If you have different connections for different subjects that you like then you are going to be able to talk to them about how they got to that point. For example if a well known football or basketball player knew you dad and you were interested in becoming a professional athlete then you will be able to talk to them. When they come over to the house, it will be like your inspiration has just walk in the door. How many poor families have this opportunity as a young kid? And then think of how many rich kids have this opportunity as a young kid?

My conclusion

Personal training in Windsor I am closer to a rich person than anywhere else in the country. Windsor has over 500 millionaires. That means that if they have kids they are going to want there kids to do well. Every parent in the world want there kids to do well.  Being less than 30 miles away from London. They have all the opportunities to get there kids to try new things and ask questions to higher authority. However, you don’t have to be rich to get your kids onto the right path. You just have to make sure that you are showing them the right way to go about how to deal with situations they are going to come across.