Fitness puzzle: What pieces do you have to get right to be able to progress?

Getting into shape is like massive fitness puzzle, you don’t know what pieces go together until you try to see if it works for you. Everyone is different and therefore must be able to trial different exercise out to see what works for them. Many people wait there whole life to mast a couple of the aspects I’m going to tell you. You have to do them all to be able to complete the puzzle. Otherwise there will always be piece missing and you won’t achieve results.

Diet, Eating the right way is a must for any fitness regime

Once you start working out and seeing results you will want to see where your body can get. You start to look at food a little differently and realise if you put bad stuff in you will get bad results. It starts to look like energy, recovery and immune help. Well that’s the way I look at it. When you see a breast of chicken you will start to see it as a recover food that’s going to repair body tissue. It’s the same with the veg. They aren’t just the nasty food that you don’t like to eat. They become the food that helps you have a healthy body.

Eating is so important when it comes to wanting to change your body. The quicker you realise that the easier it will be to see the results you want.

Doing the right exercise for your body and age

This part of the fitness puzzle is unique to you. If your 55 you won’t be able to do the same exercise as a 20 year old. It just isn’t possible, instead you work at a pace that you feel comfortable and do exercises that are suitable for your body.

Dedication to a programme

You being dedicated to to your health and fitness programme throughout the whole year is going to set you aside from the others. You working out in the winter and summer will make sure you have the body you want throughout your life. It’s not just workout for summer, its workout for life and eat healthy for life. It’s about not being lazy and dedicating time for you.

Working smart not over working

Sometime your fitness puzzle will through you and you will start to either want to workout harder or not workout at all. It all about you balancing what is good for you and what isn’t. If you feel like not working out at all. It good to take a week of exercise sometimes. It will give your body time to relax and recuperate. So when this happens just let it happen you will be in the gym or working out the week after anyway. This will be the smart way to look at it, you will start to realise when and where you need to rest. And that’s will determine if you’re going to carry on for the rest of your life or not.

Last note:

Whilst personal training in Windsor I like to keep my clients accountable to what their mission is. That’s how you get results and if their fitness puzzle has a piece missing, I’m there to put it back in.