Hungry?: 4 Reasons that might be causing you to be hungry

Your body is changing:

If you have started going to the gym on a daily basis and you have started to notice a change in muscle size and strength. This is a sign that your workouts have started to pay off. However, you have started to notice that you feel a lot more hungry that what you used to. This is a sign that your metabolic rate has changed due to your muscle size.

You will have to start eating more calories to keep your body going throughout the day. Feed it with slow release carbohydrates and high protein meats to feel fuller and more satisfied.

Sleep deprivation:

Not getting adequate sleep can cause you to feel hungry throughout the day. The body will need to get its energy from food. However the body works in a number of magical ways. And that is that is you don’t sleep enough your body will start to reduce the levels of leptin which inhibits hunger. This will increase the levels of gherkin which stimulates hunger in the body.

Zinc and magnesium is needed in the body to relax the muscles to give you a good nights sleep. The first time I heard of this was when my brother couldn’t sleep. He managed to get a supplement which made him sleep really well. But make sure if you do take it that you are able to wake up in the morning at your usual time


Sometimes being thirsty can be mistaken for hunger. We feel like we need to fill out body up with food when really all you need it to drink more water. Water in our bodies helps cells to make use of the nutrients available. When your body is dehydrated it will crave food from the lack of available nutrients. Also some nutrients can’t be absorbed without fat being present. this could also we an indication of the lack of certain vitamins in the body.

Drinking water throughout the day will aid the nutrients absorption for your body and hydrates you at the same time.

Your not eating enough for you body shape:

If you are constantly hungry it could be that you aren’t eating enough of the right foods to keep you satisfied. The body will automatically go for the sweetest foods available to you you. This is because it is absorbed easily in the body and therefore gives you the energy you need for a small amount of time.

This will leave you hungry still after you have eaten your snack. He sure to look at what is going in your body. To make sure your body is fulfilled for longer and it doesn’t store the extra carbs as fat.

Last Note:

Personal training in Windsor in the 30 degree heat the last couple days has been a struggle how hungry I have been feeling.  I have noticed that I have to stay even more hydrated because I’m constantly sweating which makes me feel hungry. Also as a trainer I wake early meaning that my body is going to crave food due to the lack of sleep on hot nights.