Food Intake: How much of each food do you have to eat to get the right Vitamins?

You might be thinking you eat a reasonably balanced diet with all the right vitamins in to make sure you have enough for the day. But how much of each food do you have to eat to balance the quota you need of a certain vitamin? I’ve thought and over the last couple months it’s hard to see if you actually are getting enough vitamin C for your food intake. So what you should be doing is checking to see if you are getting enough by googling what nutrients is in certain foods. You will start to find that there are over 200% of a certain vitamin in some foods and little in others. You will start to see what are the best bang for your buck foods on the shelf and you will start to buy lots more of them.

What foods have high levels of certain vitamins?

Vitamin C has to be part of your food intake every day so that you can help repair tissues. It’s not just protein that does this. You might find that foods that are high in vitamin C and then add them to your diet. I found that broccoli is very high so I tend to add that into my evening meals. Strawberries are another one you want to add into the high in vitamin C list. You can find 99% of your vitamin C intake from 100 grams of strawberries. These can be had as a snack during the day with some yogurt and some seeds. You will find a number of other fruits and vegetables high in vitamins. I suggest you go out there and find the vegetables that are high and add them to your diet.

How many vitamins do I have to eat a day?

Well your daily recommended food intake depends on your Basel metabolic rate. which is the amount of calories your own body can consume. Everyones is different so you need to workout this out first. On the back of food packaging they have a guideline based on a 2000Kcal diet. On google this is also the case however, if your not far of 2000Kcals per day then you don’t need to do the calculation. If you eat a lot more then you need to calculate the percentages of each group of vitamins. Try and make your diet as varied as possible to make sure that your getting vitamins from lots of different sources.

Last note:

At NK Fitness we like to provide our personal training client with advice on what to eat. There diet might not be perfect and might be lacking certain vitamins. So we try and make sure they have a balanced diet to be able to accommodate all the vitamins needed.