We know that good hydration is essential, not only for sports performance, but for staying alive! I doubt you have ever thought that drinking milk could be the key to hydration? Research recently posted in an infographic by Science in Sport compared how well different drinks hydrate you.


Top 3 Drinks For Hydration

  1. O.R.S. Hydration
  2. Full Fat Milk
  3. Semi Skimmed Milk

Before you tear into me, please read the rest of the article as I will hopefully answer your questions!


Worst 3 Drinks For Hydration

  1. Coffee
  2. Lager
  3. Still Water

Coffee I expected but water took me by surprise.


A Couple of Pints…Points About the Study

“This study investigated the effects of 13 different commonly consumed drinks on urine output and fluid balance when ingested in a euhydrated state”. Google defines euhydrated state as “Normal state of body water content; absence of absolute or relative hydration or dehydration”. Because of this, the results may differ when it comes to intra or post exercise.

O.R.S. Hydration is a form of hydration tablet. Used by Tottenham Hotspur FC and Saracens RFC, it claims to contain a scientifically balanced formula of glucose, electrolytes and essential minerals which helps you stay hydrated.

The results are in relation to total fluid retention 4 hours post intake. Even though more fluid is retained, more reading into what this fluid contains and what benefit it is actually achieving whilst inside you!


Conclusion of The Study

I am simply going to copy and paste this. “Beverage hydration index may be a useful measure to identify the short-term hydration potential of different beverages when ingested in a euhydrated state.”

So, is full fat milk your new secret weapon? In terms of fluid retention whilst in a dehydrated state, yes it is. However, you may need to dig a little deeper to see how it effects your performance.


Preparation for Personal Training

I think it is important not to overthink things. As a Personal Trainer in Hampton and Twickenham, I would suggest that before you start worrying about special tablets and types of fluid, keep it simple. Try to maintain hydration consistently, you can do this by regularly taking on board small amounts of water. Carry a water bottle and keep it filled!

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