Question and answer in consultation

Questions and answers in a consultation a personal trainer in Windsor can get asked a number of questions the client might be concerned about. All the questions that we get asked we have heard before and we have an answer for. It is an honest and ethical answer to make you understand why. So as a trainer that wants to make you feel comfortable training with me. It’s that feeling of being comfortable that starts in the consultation.

It can be a daunting situation to see a personal trainer for a consultation. I’ve had people turn up shaking and worried like they are going to be interrogated by a police officer. The first thing I do before any questions are answered is to smile and ask them how there day is going. This gives them an option to speak freely about themselves without feeling nervous. No-one can ask a series of questions when they are nervous. This is why its best to make you as the client feel at ease.

Questions and answers number 1

Q: Why are you charging more money than other clients in the area?

A: I can understand why you would ask this question because its a valid one. If you have research and looked around for the best deal and you just going by the price. In the fitness industry the price of training varies but its a false economy out there. There are so many trainers that set the price low to lure people in. However when you get to the training all you are getting is a plan that isn’t specific to you and you end up in a place were you haven’t progressed and your out of pocket. It is better to invest in a trainer that is there for you every step of the way.

Questions and answers number 2

Q: How long will it take me to get to my goals?

A: As people we want to get to results fast. However we are all different in our approach to what we really want. It all depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice to be able to reach your goals. There is no set time to when you will reach your primary goals. It is dependent on how many times you workout and are active during the day. And how you change your lifestyle as a whole. You can’t expect a new result without an changes in the process.

Questions and answers number 3

Q: How many days do I have to workout with you?

A: That all depends on what you can afford and what realistically you need. The need will depend on how far away from your goals that you are and what it takes to get you there. If there is a lot to teach you before you are able to star working out some what on your own. The the sessions per week will be more than if your able to workout on your own already. There are other variable that determine how many sessions you require and that can be due to the want, financial ability, time, and the need.

Question and answer number 4

Q: Do I have to do more than workout to get my results?

A: I get asked this question quite a lot, I hear lots of people say ‘oh I can eat what I want because I workout’. Now this is only true for a fraction of the population who workout all the time and have a high metabolism. If you have trouble losing weight then working out wont be the only aspect of reaching your goals. You will have to change your diet and also be more active during the time that you aren’t with the trainer. This comes down to what you are willing to change.

Questions and answers number 5

Q: How long have you been personal training for and what is your background?

A: I understand why you would be asking this question, you don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they are doing training you. This is an easy question to answer because its about yourself as a trainer. I have worked as a trainer for 3 years and before that I worked in gyms helping individuals with there goals. When I was 17 I  started working in a gym and have been in the fitness industry ever since. I would explain that I like to train myself and play sports whenever I get my downtime. When you explain to someone that you are experienced and knowledgable they will start to get what your all about.

Question and answer number 6

Q: Why do you require me to pay for a block of sessions instead of just one session sat a time?

A: I complete understand that you don’t want to give your money to trainer that you haven’t trained with before. I offer a one of training session for a higher price if they are unsure on buying a block. To see if they like it. However the reason for buying in a block is because you as the client are investing in yourself. The trainer is investing time in you. Buying a block of sessions will hold you accountable to turn up to training and allow me the trainer to set up the diary. A block reassures the trainer that he/she is going to be able to earn money from that time in the diary instead of not being sure if the client will turn up.

Last note:

If you are looking at hiring a personal trainer be sure to have your questions ready for him/her to answer. That way you will minimise your risk of hiring a bad one and maximise the possibility of hiring a great one.