The Great Outdoors at Manitoulin Island

As I have just come back from visiting my girlfriend and her family in Canada. I have a feeling I want to do some more walking in the great outdoors of the United Kingdom. She showed me some amazing places in Ontario. One of the places was called the cup and saucer trail which was on an Island called Manitoulin. Manitoulin is a First Nations reserve with beautiful views out onto the lake that surrounds the Island. We spent all day exploring the island and to me it was an adventure of somewhere new that exciting. There is something really special about exploring a new place that you haven’t seen before.

My reasoning behind wanting to get outside more is because it has a great effect on your body and wellbeing. However, you have to be fit enough to go on a trail of hike. It isn’t for everyone straight away. Considering your fitness at the start will determine if your able to see the great views from the highest point.

The fresh air

When you get outside you get to experience the natural outdoors and all the things that go with it. One of these is the fresh air that you inhale as your trailing around your route. The air is fresher in the reserves because you are surrounded by millions of trees. So it’s not polluted with the pollutants that the cities and the modern world. Meaning that the air is full of the oxygen that the body needs to feel good and survive. That’s why when you have a head ache or are feeling sick it is good to go for a walk.

Freedom to roam

Walking around you don’t have to always follow a trail that is marked out for you. You can walk of the path and find our own way having the freedom to do what you want. Every day we are dictated by roads telling use which way to go and the bush/ forest gives us the opportunity to take us where we really desire to go. This sort of freedom leads you to a discovery of a magnificent view.

Tranquil views

After walking up a trail that you have been looking forward to you finally reach the top and you a graced with a view that leaves you speechless. You take pictures and capture memories that you could of never captures if you were at home sitting down or at the office always working. These sorts of views are earn’t by the people who are willing to put in the effort to hike to the top.

Exercise that is fun and enjoyable

Adding to the fresh air, freedom and the view is that you are actually exercising when you walk a trail in the great outdoors. As I do my personal training in Windsor I am always saying to my clients that they should go out for a walk as much as possible. It gets you active more in the day, burns calories and helps you with your wellbeing. A walk in Virginia Water lake or the Long Walk can something that you can add into your routine. You could also turn it into a meeting or a coffee morning with a friend.