Looking for the next best group fitness training class?  Jump on every fitness craze that comes out?  Are the garage and loft full of headbands, bullworkers, ankle weights and the like?  To be honest you can be commended on many levels.  You take your health and fitness seriously and as a result are continually looking for ways to improve.  There is nothing wrong with that.  The fitness industry in general is notorious for experiencing a high turnover of clients.  At NK Fitness we have a very low turnover of clientele, especially when it comes to personal training sessions.  Our group fitness training and bootcamp classes are a different story – the turnover, whilst low compared to the industry standard, is surprisingly high.  In our latest blog we explore the reasons for this turnover and the implications it has for the people who keep switching their fitness allegiances.


High Turnover in Fitness Classes

Apart from a faithful few, why do group fitness training classes experience and high turnover of participants?  Ultimately, I feel that there are a few explanations:

  1.  Classes are not a good fit.  For some it may take several sessions for them to realise that the class is not suited to their fitness goals.  Perhaps its too hard or too easy.  The exercises, sessions format or instructional style may not be suited to the individuals goals or personality.  The logistics of the session or the social atmosphere may put the client off.  Whatever, the reason, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your exercise class and therefore are happy with the ‘mechanics’ of the sessions.
  2. A lack of individual focus.  When classes are popular the numbers can get pretty high.  This is great from the instructors point of view when it comes to their bank balance but not so good when it comes to giving every individual what they need.  Go to any exercise class are you will see all manner of technique variations for every exercise.  It is easy to just be there.  As a result this can become frustrating for both the instructor and the client.
  3. Sessions are too similar each time.  This is a huge factor.  When it comes to offering group fitness training sessions then keeping things fresh is a real challenge.  Your client group may change on a weekly basis, leaving you to design sessions that cater for a wide range of abilities.  If sessions become too predictable for clients then they will soon lose interest and move on to the next class.  Frustratingly, the next class may not even be better, but the fact that it is different.


Client Tips to Avoid to Rot

There are many advantages to maintaining a stable client base and for individuals to stick to a class that they like.  The environment will be familiar each week, and so you do not have the awkwardness of having to adjust to a new set up or way of doing things.  If you attend a group fitness training session regularly then your qualified group fitness training instructor will know you and your capabilities.  This working relationship enables you to ask them for modifications within sessions to make sure you are getting the most from each and every session.

If you simply rock up and do as you’re told then you can expect a plateau in results.  Despite it being a group fitness training session you can still take responsibility for improvements in fitness by asking for individual modifications to the work out.  Any qualified and experienced personal trainer should be able to offer you a range of scaling options.