There will be increase in the popularity of the group fitness session during 2019 according to experts worldwide.  The latest ACSM survey places group fitness training at number 2 in world fitness trends. If you’re looking for a group fitness session then you plenty of options.  From informal physical activities with friends through to organised gym classes and fitness boot camps.  Group fitness training carries with it many benefits.  Here we highlight some of these benefits and well as guide you on how to get the most from your group fitness training.


Benefits of a Group Fitness Session

The popularity of training with others shouldn’t come as surprise.  After all we are social animals with an inherent ability to work together and co-operate.  Exercising as part of a broader group can be very motivating.  Somehow the physical work seems easier if others are doing it with you.  Think of it as a shared experienced that takes the edge off of the discomfort.  Seeing other work hard around them can motivate people to push harder or keep going when they might consider quitting.  Having a pre-arranged appointment with others is also very powerful for maintaining adherence.  Its far more difficult to cancel a training session if other people are depending upon you being there.

If you’ve ever been in group fitness sessions then you would have experienced the energising effect of collective exercise.  With the right people around you can gain energy from others – the strength of the wolf is in the pack.  Aside from motivational support, group fitness training can provide plenty of variety in terms of workout activities and options.  For example, at our Ascot Boot Camp we will often place people into groups and set them a pre-determined amount of work to complete.  They get to divide up the physical work however they like.  This allows individuals to work to their strengths.


Money Money Money

One of the greatest benefits of a group fitness session is it’s cost efficiency.  Exercises classes can be free if they’re included as part of gym membership.  Outside of the gym, group training sessions are considerably cheaper than personal training.  If the group is small enough then there is also a good chance that you will receive a good level of individual coaching – so all the benefits of PT without the price tag!  If large group training and boot camps are not your thing then a cost effective way of getting some supervised training is to hire a personal trainer for small private group training.  Getting a small group of friends together to split the cost of a training session is very effective.


Getting the most from group fitness training

So with the benefits of group fitness numerous here are our tips for getting the most from group fitness sessions:

  1. When finding the most suitable session, look for those that have activities that you enjoy.  For example, if you enjoy running then a running group or a bootcamp that features plenty of running is going to be more suitable.  If running isn’t your thing then there are plenty of groups that emphasise resistance training.
  2. Choose a size of class that suits both your personality and your needs.  Some people may prefer larger groups for social reasons.  Large groups also mean you can fade into the background a little.  However, be sure that you don’t get lost so much that the instructor doesn’t have the time to be able to correct any techniques flaws you may have.
  3. Inform the session instructor or personal trainer of any special requirements that you may have.  Previous and existing injuries that may need to be ‘worked around’ as well as any specific medical needs that may influence your ability to exercise safely.
  4. Speak up.  If you would like an alternative exercise then just ask.  Offering feedback to your bootcamp personal trainer or class instructor should be well received and will help improve what you get out of it in the future.

Group exercise settings don’t need to be intimidating at all.  Run correctly the only competition is with yourself.  Cost effective and highly motivational when it comes to fitness you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck!  Start looking today for a group fitness session to add some variety to your regime.