The best home exercises to kick start your training in 2018

This home exercises list that your about to read contains some of the most vital movements and hold that you have to incorporate into your workout. If your home workout doesn’t have these listed then add them in and start practicing them.

Press ups

A press ups is a great home exercise for upper body to strengthen the anterior chain. The movement can be done at different tempos to increase the intensity.

Inverted row

The inverted row is the opposite to a press up and works the upper body posterior chain. At home this is done with a broom stick over two chairs.

Bodyweight shoulder press

Once you have worked up some strength from the press up then this movement is a progression. By changing the angle of the press you start to focus attention on the deltoids and the triceps.

Pislot squat

This movement requires lots of strength from the lower body. To work up to that point start with single leg sit downs to build up the strength. To get the same amount of force output with home exercises that you would from doing doing weights. You have to master the pistol squat.

Isometric Bulgarian lunge hold

This hold can recruit a lot of muscle fibres in the legs. For such a simple exercise at home this hold can increase strength dramatically. Try building the time up that you do the hold for to progress. After that you can start adding in jumps or movements after the hold.

Slider side lunge

For this movement find an old cloth and a surface that it will slide on. One foot is grounded and the other on the cloth. Slide the foot out whilst bending the knee and hip on the other side. You will find it hard to push back up and this is where you get results. Remember you have to try and get the same effect from home exercises that you would

from the gym.

Side plank

The side plank is an isometric hold that target the side of your body. Doing this hold in your workout will demand a strong core. So be sure that you can do the regressions on your knees before doing it on your feet.

Leg lifts

Leg lifts are a hard core move  you can do anywhere so it is a must on the home exercises list. All you have to do is lie down and lift your legs off the floor whilst maintaining a straight leg and a flat back. The move targets the lower abdominals and hip flexors.


A plank is essential a full body isometric hold. It uses a number of muscles held in tension to hold the bridge together. If one muscles isn’t working then you fail. Whilst doing this move make sure all the main muscles used are activated and your body is in the correct position.

Last note:

As I have been personal training in Windsor I have noticed that a lot of people want to train and home or in the parks. So all of these home exercises are essential for a personal training sessions and they are what I would personally use.