You’ve got the day planned out.  Your workout is scheduled for mid afternoon before having to collect the children from school.  Not only do you know what today’s workout is (because you are following a plan of personal training in Fulham), but you are also really looking forward to it.  One hour before you’re due to be putting your gym gear on, and you get a phone call from your child’s school.  They’re feeling unwell, and you need to pick them up early.  No workout for you today!  This is an all too familiar occurrence for many of us.  Illness, work deadlines, deliveries, appointments, traffic and public transport can all conspire against us and our fitness regime.  Life just has a habit of getting in the way sometimes.

If you are committed to your health and fitness, scenario’s when life gets in the way can be infuriating.  For the less committed, day to day life can be enough to derail fitness programmes completely.  One thing is for sure, it’s going to happen to everyone.  From the worlds fittest athletes all the way through to the keep fit brigade, can’t stop life happening.  The key is to accept the fact.  However, we believe that you can go along way to minimising the impact of unexpected daily life upsetting your fitness programme.


Be proactive rather than reactive

Firstly, plan your workouts.   When can they take place and what will they comprise of?  If you’ve purchased some personal training in Fulham then this part is done for you.  However, having a plan significantly cuts down the time it takes to get your fitness training done.  In turn, this means that you may still be able to squeeze it in, or at least part of it, once you’ve dealt with today’s unexpected life event.  If your workout time is severely reduced, then simply get the main part of the workout done.  If the main aim was resistance training for legs and back along with a host of accessory work, then prioritise the compound exercises for the legs and upper back.  Doing this keeps your training programme firmly on schedule.

Outside of your fitness programme, we find that planning your daily routine is highly beneficial.  Highlighting when you are going to do things significantly reduces the chances of day to day life activities getting in the way.  In fact, it will only be the unexpected events that do so.  The key is to take control of your day to day routine as much as you can.


Expect and Accept

All the planning in the world will not stop things cropping up.  It’s a fact so just accept that it will happen.  It happens to the best athletes in the world.  Expecting and accepting it will happen will help ensure that it doesn’t impact you at an emotional level.  Losing your temper because you’ve got to modify or miss a workout is counter productive.  When with our personal training in Fulham clients we emphasise that the reality for most of us is that one missed workout placed in the context of a month or a year isn’t going to see you turn from beach god to couch potato.  If you have consistency in your fitness training then you will remain on course towards your goals.

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