Glute stretches for knee health and healthier posterior chain

Knee pain release

The gluteus maximus plays a big roll in your knee health. Lots of knee pain can start from just having really tight glutes or weak glute minimus and medius. The first thing you need to do if you have knee pain is to start glute stretches that is going to loosen the tightness on your knee.

The iliotibial band is the link from the glutes to the lower leg. The link attaches to the knee and when the glutes are tight it pull on the ITB so the knee is the area that gets a painful feeling.

Healthier posterior chain

The glute stretches down below aren’t just going to help you with knee pain. It is also going to help you loosen up the posterior chain. When someone has tight glutes, they will also have tight hamstrings. Not because they just have tight hamstrings but because they also have tight glutes. So when your flexibility in your glute get better then you flexibility win your hamstrings with get better.

Check out the glute stretches below. Give each stretch a go for 30 seconds on each limb and lets see what can be done to help either knee pain or posterior chain health.

Cork Screw

Take a seat on the floor and place one leg over the other. Hug the leg in tight to the body and start to lift your chest. You will start to feel a stretch on the outside of your glute.

Pigeon stretch

Start in a press up position and then place one knee between both hands. You can then start to put some weight on your thigh. Once you start to feel the stretch keep it there for 30 seconds.

crucifix stretch

Lie back flat on the ground with your hands in a crucifix and then bring on leg up and over the other leg. You will also feel a stretch in the lumber spine.

Lying figure 4/pretzel stretch

Lie back flat on the floor and place one foot on the other thigh. Lift the other leg up to be able to pull the leg into your chest.

Seated figure 4 stretch

Sit down on a chair and have on leg at 90 degrees. Then place the foot of the other leg on top of the other thigh. You can then push the knee away from you as long as you feel comfortable.

Last Note:

When personal training you will come across lots of different people with different conditions. It’s part of your job to find out how to help them. Wether that be a hurt knee or a sore elbow. There are lots of exercises and stretches to be able to help fix the injury or problem.