Why do so many people fail when it comes to improving fitness and losing body fat?  In fact, some people fail time and time again which contributes to the success of various weight loss companies and get fit quick apps.  There is certainly no lack of ambition when people set out on their quest but for some reason they fail to sustain it.  As a mobile and experienced personal trainer in Fulham, London I see this all the time.   Shredding body fat, improving mobility and following an injury prevention programme are just some examples that I can think of.   There are several key factors that I use to explain our yo-yo relationship with improving fitness and health?


Over ambition to improving fitness?

Let’s do this, I can’t wait to get started!  I encounter no shortage of enthusiasm in many clients but within a matter of days or weeks old habits return.  Fitness returns to base levels and the new diet gets ditched in favour of familiar comforts.  Several factors can explain this:

  1. Unrealistic goals are a fast track to disappointment.  Be realistic with your goals.  If you haven’t exercised in years then do not start training like an Olympian.  The human body is beautifully engineered and will adapt to training at the right level but it takes time.  Too much too soon will increase injury risk and drop out rate.  Set small, achievable goals and so that you can experience success regularly.
  2. Unrealistic or inappropriate training programmes.  Following the latest celebrity workout with the rest of the crowd is not always the best way forward.  Select a programme that matches your goals, your unique body and your circumstances.  Keep tabs on how your body responds and evolve your programme as you go along.
  3. A lack of support from significant others.  Improving fitness alone is a hard grind.  Gain motivation and support from friends and family who can support your new behaviour until they become habits.


Respect the challenge, respect the process

You must respect the commitment required to achieve your health and fitness goals.  You will not achieve them overnight and they will not be easy to come by.  This can be hard for those who enjoyed an athletic childhood and have memories of being at the peak of fitness.  Persistence is the key to achieving sustainable change. Oh, and it’s hard work.  Really hard work.  So be under no illusions.  I have lost count of the number of personal training clients who develop the 1000 mile stare as they realise just how hard proper training is!  You can see the fear in their eyes.

Expert Personal Trainers in Fulham can help you when improving fitness
Commit to improving fitness with realistic goal setting

Don’t be that person that looks the same 6 months down the line.  If you started in January and are still going then you are in the minority.  Keep at it and your persistence is rewarded.  Get help getting fit in Fulham with our expert Fulham personal training.