How to deal with losing in sport and what to do next.

If you have played any sort of competitive sport you will know what its like to win or loose. I’ve played basketball most of my life so I know what its like to win and lose. Winning in sport makes you feel on top of the world and losing in sport makes you feel down for a while. However losing will push you to high capabilities in your chosen sport.

This past weekend is saw my girlfriend fight in her very first boxing match. The people at the match saw her fight but what they didn’t see is the sheer effort put in every week leading up to the fight. I saw her train 4 days per week to be able to get into a ring. It’s a tough build up just like every sport. I’m writing this blog because she lost and how disappointed she felt after so many months of hard work. Even though she lost I am immensely proud of her for putting herself out their. Losing is tough but it’s the learning curve that we have to focus on.

There is always a winner and a looser

In sport there is always a winner and a loser you have to go into it knowing you only have a 50% chance of both happening. Unless your statistics are considerably better than or opponents. Knowing this will hopefully make you feel more relaxed only if you have trained hard throughout the off season.

If today isn’t your day but there is always tomorrow

You won’t lose all the time, but if you never lose you will never see yourself to become better. If you lose you get a chance to look back at what you did wrong. Once the wrong parts have been narrowed out you will get better and evolve as an athlete.

If you win all the time you won’t have a chance to see what you did wrong. The ego of winning won’t let you get any better because your brains thought pattern tells you that nothing was wrong. This isn’t the case, if you win try to see what you can improve on also.

Failing isn’t a sign of your capability

If you lose it’s because that day you opponent was better than you. No IF’S or BUT’S, you can do anything about if but get better. A human is capable of almost anything on this planet and loosing is a sign that you can get better. However, it might of been that on this game day it wasn’t your day. It doesn’t tell you that you aren’t capable because your coaches wouldn’t of put you there if you weren’t.

Don’t give up

Whatever you do don’t give up. Failing is a part of success, if you look at all athletes or businessmen they have only got to the top because of failure. As a personal trainer in Windsor I see failure some days in training, but I also see winning in training. It is the failing that makes the winning so much better. Keep it going.