Goals are hugely important in all aspects of life, especially training. If you don’t have any idea where you want to go, you have no idea where to even start! Let alone any idea of how or what to do, in order to reach the final destination. Aim your sights high and then set about achieving them. If you don’t try you’ll never know.



When goal setting we typically use the SMART approach, which like this.

Specific – It must be clear and relate to ourselves.

Measurable – There must be some tangible way of measuring if we are achieving our goal.

Achievable – It must be doable, we need to be able to reach our goal successfully.

Realistic – It must be sensible and practical.

Time – There must be a time frame in which we want to achieve our goal.

This approach has stood the test of time, although there are two parts that frustrate me. Achievable Measurable. Set a goal that we know we can achieve. I have seen on numerous occasions clients “over achieving’ or at least this is how they personally see it. I am always hearing “I never thought I could lift that” or “wow, I never even dreamt I could achieve that”. Don’t under sell yourself. If we have low expectations of what we can actually achieve, then are goals will always be falling short of where we could be!


Be Greedy With Goals

My approach is to now 2 goals. I first heard CrossFit Games Athlete Kara Webb talking about this. She would set herself a ‘Greedy Goal’ and a ‘Realistic Goal’. As it turned out she more often than not surpassed her ‘Realistic Goal’, either achieving her ‘Greedy Goal’ or getting damn close. Shoot for the stars, why not?!? But make sure you have a backup plan, a realistic SMART approach.




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