When people make the decision to change their diet, they quite often go from one extreme to another. They try to cut out everything ‘bad’ all at once. Along with this, they also try to start eating everything they consider ‘good’. Don’t get me wrong,  some people do this well making great progress and improving their standard of living. However, a lot of people will only stick to their new regime for a week at best.


It’s All About Baby Steps

In order to stop this happening, I have seen success by introducing simple habits gradually. Over time these habits build up and eating well is no longer a chore, simply your normal day to day routine. Below I have included 3 simple changes you could make to improve your diet. Try one for a week or two, then add another for a week or two and so on.


Diet Adjustments Everyone Can Make

  1. Carry a bottle of water – Have a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Have one in the car, one by your bed and one that you carry in your bag. By having them with you, you are much more likely to drink them. Quite often when you feel hungry you are simply thirsty; a quick sip from your bottle can make those thoughts of sugary treats go away. An important fact to remember is that a fluid loss of only 2% (of your body weight) can have serious effects upon your body, e.g. A drop in blood pressure, fatigue, decreased muscle function and low energy levels.
  1. Change your snack box – If you take a packed lunch to work try making it the evening before, replace any snacks with healthier alternatives. This could be as simple as swapping a chocolate bar for a banana. Foods high in fibre will help regulate your blood sugar levels throughout the day, keeping your focus and energy levels consistent. Dietary fibre can be found in fruit, veg, grans & beans.
  1. Over cook – No i’m not telling you to go and have your steak well done! I’m saying that a good way to ensure you have a healthy meals throughout the week, is to cook more than you need. If you take the time to cook a meal in the evening, make a little more than usual. Put these extras in the fridge (or freezer depending on what it is and how long you want to keep it) and take them for lunch the next day. This not only saves time but ensures you get good balanced meals all day.


The Golden Rule

Try and cook with as many home grown or unprocessed foods to avoid the chemical shit storm.


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