Fitness Lifestyle:

Whilst driving along this morning, a thought came to me regarding general lifestyle. When we drive along we have so many signs telling us what to do and where to go. These signals tell us that we are on the right route. A roundabout tells will give us another route to go down. The traffic lights will tell us when to stop and the speed cameras shows us that we have done something wrong. For a wrong doing on the road we either get fined or we get put on a speed awareness course.

A lifestyle lead in todays world doesn’t have all these signs. Making our life a lot harder to read if we are doing right.

As a personal trainer in Windsor I know what I should do with the information that I have. Many, don’t have this information so they don’t know what do do.

A roundabout in fitness

Knowing what a roundabout in fitness is, will make you more productive towards the right aspirations.  Recognising the habits that make you go around in circles will increase your ability to change them. The only problem is how do you recognise them. Asking yourself every month if you are doing the right thing and how you could change the outcome. If you feel a plateau, tiredness, weakness etc you should start asking yourself questions to find a new route.

Traffic light signals

Having the ability to stop and start when the body says it needs to is a strength not a weakness.However we don’t have a clear sign that tells us we should stop until it’s to late. If you don’t give your body rest when it needs it then you will crash. Be wise in your thoughts to protect your mental abilty to stay strong with having a rest. The macho bravado of because everyone else if doing it doesn’t mean you have to. Follow the path that suits you for the stag you are in at the moment.

Speed camera’s

On the road when we get flashed by a camera we are in trouble. Or get pulled over by the police we know that we have either done something wrong or have something wrong with the car. In our lifestyle we don’t have a speed camera to tell us that we have done wrong. The only speed camera’s we do have are the peers and mentors that surround us. They tell us that it is wrong to do something or why we have done wrong. This is the experience that they have received the time before you when they have made the same mistake.

Last note:

After you have gained more experience in your lifestyle. For example to workout, eat healthy and stretch to name a couple, you have only got there through experience in doing those things. At the beginning you didn’t know that you where doing the right thing. Until results started to show and you kept at it because you new it worked.