Online trainer or personal trainer: what is best?

There are so many benefits to both a personal trainer or online trainer. It all depends on what kind of person you are and what your work ethic is. The training that you do will be the same either way. There are quite a few differences between them both.


The support received from a online trainer is over the phone or via txt/email. If you have a problem you can message your trainer and he/she will get back to you as soon as possible. A personal trainer will do the same if they have set you exercises to complete or you have a question.

During the set session the personal trainer will he there watching every movement that you do. This makes sure form is correct. The online trainer will not know if you are performing adequate movements to get the best stimulus. The outcome being not the best results you can get if done wrong.


The programming will be as specific as possible from an online trainer however they can’t make sure you are able to do them the right way. Regressions and progressions might be needed early on and this can’t be identifiable by an online trainer as easily.

With the personal approach it is sure that if the exercise looks to easy that a progression is added immediately. Increasing the outcome of quicker progress for the client.

Knowing your client

Knowing what the trainer is like physically as well as mentally is a great indication on how a session will be. Not knowing that the client could be tired or unmotivated during a session will show when results day comes around. Whereas is has been proven that results are gained quicker when you have someone assessing your every move.

As a personal trainer in Windsor I find that a bond between client and trainer is made when working together for a long time. I’m not sure this is the same for online training approaches. This bond can make a client work hard and commit for longer for them to reach the goals.


The price difference is drastic especially if you live in London where the prices of personal trainer are higher. An online trainer can charge £200 a month for a programme and 4 phone calls at the end of the week. Whereas a personal trainer can charge a significant amount more for 4 week. It can be as much os £1100 for 4 weeks, if you where to train every day.

You can’t really try out for either of these trainers because you will go through a number until you find the right person for you. So you must do your research on them and make your mind up to what suits you best. Different trainers will have different approaches and if it matches to what you are looking for then you should go for that trainer.

Last note:

You will get results with either a personal trainer or online trainer. If you commit to them fully and do exactly as they say. Otherwise the investment in your health wont be worth while and you might as well off got on with your normal day to day life.