Mobile Equipment For Personal Training: What is best for your sessions?

If you do mobile personal training or someone who wants to know what the best mobile equipment is if you use it outdoors. You need to be able to carry the equipment in your hands and in a ruck sack on your back. It can’t be to big an bulky otherwise you wont be able to carry it to far.

Mobile personal training in Windsor, I have had the issue of training people who then get to strong. This makes it difficult to carry heavy loads to the session. What you have to be able to do is get the client to help carry some equipment to make the session more productive.

Having mobile equipment that is functional and durable which is able to do many different exercises is what you have to look for. So when buying equipment you have to think what exercises you will be getting your clients to do with it.

Suspension trainer

A prime example of a great piece of kit is the suspension trainer. You can carry one in a rucksack and it is able to withstand many different exercises. Great for a mobile personal training. With the number of exercises able to be done on one of these, you will be able to do the whole session with one.


Kettlebells are a great way to add some weighted exercises to your exercise library. To add a different stimulus to a workout for your legs or upper back a kettlebell is great. You might struggle carrying it all the way across the park if it gets to heavy. Try to keep these light or carry two to balance the load.

Medicine ball/slam ball

A medball or slam ball is easy to carry in your back if its not to heavy. If yours doesn’t have a handle it will be a difficult to lug around. Having to hold the ball in one hand pushing it up agains your side is a hard workout for the arm in itself. Let alone having to carry a kettlebell on the other side. However this piece of mobile equipment is able withstand lots of force for when you train power with your clients.

Strength bands

You can use a strength band for a number of exercises. I tend to use these in the warm ups or for activation work. You can easily transport them and are a great asset when personal training. If you want to add some tension to other exercises or to keep things interesting with clients. They most likely haven’t used them before which is great for when you want to teach something new.

Mini bands

A mini band is cheap and easy to transport, these little things are evil and clients have a love hate relationship with them. One of the exercises we do is a crab walk to activate the glutes. Whilst you perform a crab walk the glutes are put under tension that they haven’t been put under before. If clients are finding it hard for the glutes to fire up. These can be used to make sure the glutes are working properly on other exercises like squats and deadlifts.

Mobile personal training is a great job to have as long as you are equipped with the right mobile equipment. This shows that you are serious about your occupation and want the best for your client.