Have you ever wondered how you are going to get fit in Fulham?  It is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the information that is out there.  Going it alone can be a daunting process, and is often so discouraging that people fail to start their fitness training at all.  As one of Fulham’s established mobile personal training experts we often receive cries of help from friends, family and prospective clients.  Social media platforms are loaded with so many extreme workout highlights, the local fitness gym offers classes with crazy names, and there are now documentaries depicting blow by blow accounts of the fittest people on the planet!  Here’s what we recommend if you just don’t know where to start.


Put Fitness Training into Perspective

When all is said and done your fitness journey is there to enhance your lifestyle.  You must not put in place a programme that reduces your quality of life.  Take a step back and make sure that any activities you do are part of a balanced lifestyle.  If you go too hard too soon, you’re headed for a fitness relapse in the shape of an injury or drop out.

Don’t believe the hype surrounding social media workouts.  Social media is a cleverly edited highlights reel, designed to receive ‘Likes’ and approval.  This isn’t a bad thing and it will not go away.  You simply have to learn to filter out the rubbish and see through the bs!  You will not be able to perform the high intensity, crazy fitness drills if you cannot perform the basics.  Basic strengthening, lengthening and conditioning doesn’t make great viewing, which is why it’s not all over social media.  Trust me, it is still the basis for most peoples fitness and conditioning programmes.

Not everyone has to be an athlete.  We like to applaud the extreme and why not?  Credit where credit is due!  However, we don’t have to be elite to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Doing so keeps many sports medicine professionals in business.  Six Physio based at 699 Fulham Road in Parsons Green would benefit from installing a revolving door from over ambitious exercise habits.


Reflective Fitness Training to Get Fit in Fulham

As one of many successful Fulham personal training providers, one of our cornerstones is Plan, Do and Review.  Provided you start by doing something in the way of physical exercise then your body will respond by adapting.  If you are able to monitor and reflect on this then you are in a position to modify any future training.  Your training does not need to be set in stone from the outset.  In fact, to get fit in Fulham it is beneficial for it to be very basic to start with.  By reviewing the changes in fitness that happen you are able to identify areas for improvement.  At this point you can research specific areas of training that will help improve your next training plan.

Going through the process of Plan, Do and Review every 6-8 weeks should see your programme improve and grow unrecognisably within months.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  If you are unsure how to get fit in Fulham then please feel free to contact us here for further information on how to benefit from our experience in helping people just like you.