Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of training styles, classes, methods and aides on the market.  All trying to entice you in with promised quick turnaround results and miracle transformations from the comfort of your own home! So….which of the myriad of fitness trends is the most effective? F45, CrossFit, Spinning, Pilates, Bodybuilding? Eating more broccoli!!

The simple answer is……. the one you enjoy!  Easy as that!

Here’s Ascot personal trainer Chris explains why it really is as simple as having fun that will keep you on track.


Just like Broccoli

It’s possible that you may burn more calories doing a pump class or get the strongest doing powerlifting but the key component of any fitness program is compliance, it simple won’t work in the long term unless you stick to it and you won’t stick to it unless you enjoy it!

A good analogy for this is Broccol1!  As you boil broccoli and pour the excess water away, the green hue in the water is some of its nutrients draining away!  The simple way round this is eat your broccoli raw! Less wasted nutrients equals more absorbed into your body.

However…..what sort of loony enjoys easting lumps of raw broccoli?! If that was your only option or you forced yourself to do it you’d get a lot less nutrients in the long run because you simply wouldn’t do it!  The experience would be too unpleasant to repeat often enough.


The importance of using your head to use your body

The same applies to your fitness, instead of getting your head turned by the latest hardcore fitness craze yielding dramatic results, focus instead on what you enjoy and what works for you!

Having a coach plan out structured, progressive training sessions will be a lot more beneficial for you and a lot more sustainable than hopping on the band wagon! When it comes to using your body….use your head!