EMOM, short for Every Minute on the Minute, has become a very popular method of training.  It was first popularised by the CrossFit, the sport of Fitness.  In short EMOM’s involve completing a pre-determined volume of physical work in less than 60s.  Any remaining time within the minute is used for resting.  At the start of the next minute, the work bout is repeated.  For example, performing two ring muscle ups every minute for 10 minutes.

There are many different ways to use to use EMOM’s to improve many different aspects of your training.  At NK Fitness, highly experienced personal trainers based in Ascot, we’ve used the EMOM method to good effect with a wide range of clients.  Here, Co Founder Nathan Kelly discusses how the EMOM may be the next best thing to help you lose weight, build muscle and perform better.

What is an EMOM?

In simple terms an EMOM is simply an interval.  Interval training is has been around for many years.  It is widely regarded as a very effective form of training for athletes, and has become popular in mainstream fitness as a form of HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training).  The EMOM is a catchy variation of this already brilliant training method.  EMOM’s are often short, therefore allowing you to attack the exercise with confidence.  However, there are different ways in which to use them.  Each method has it’s merits, and you simply need to find the format that works for you and your fitness goals.


EMOM’s for Cardio and Capacity

  • Exercising for a set time period.  Works well when developing cardiovascular fitness because you can control the work to rest ratio’s.  Perform 30-45s of work depending upon your fitness level, allowing yourself between 15-30s recovery each minute.
  • Achieving a certain volume of work.  Whether it’s reps, calories burned, number of ring muscle ups or distance covered, many people use this form of EMOM training.  The key is to select a volume of work that is challenging and typically completed within 40-45 seconds.  As you complete more rounds it should become increasingly tough to complete the given volume of work in the minute.  Once again, this works well when trying to develop cardio fitness and exercise capacity / endurance.


EMOM for Skill and Strength

  • Skill reps and technique EMOM’s.  The EMOM methods can be a great way to develop movements that require higher levels of skill.  In contrast to the variations already described, the duration of rest each minute is typically longer than work.  For example, a person learning ring muscle ups or trying to develop handstand push up strength may perform 1 repetition every minute for 10 minutes.  As skill and strength improve, so too can the number of reps completed.
  • E2MOM.  Used when wanting to work on two contrasting movements simultaneously or to develop the ability to hold strength and / or technique under the pressure of fatigue.  For example minute 1 can be 3 ring muscle ups, and minute 2 is 12 calories on the rowing machine.  Repeat this pattern until the desired number of reps has been achieved or cannot be maintained.


Common mistakes with EMOM

Whilst they are very simple to implement EMOM’s can go wrong.  The secret is to select the correct amount of work to be done each minute.  We’ve seen many people be too ambitious with their numbers, attempting too much work. Being over zealous means that the first 2-3 rounds are manageable but then maintaining the intensity becomes unsustainable.  In our experience, exercise caution during early EMOM’s – you can always add work in later sessions.  And it’s always nice to leave the gym having won!!


So if you’re short on time or simply want to get plenty of bang for your buck, give the EMOM method a spin.  With our many athletes or personal training clients in Ascot and Berkshire EMOM’s have been fundamental to their progress.  If you would like more information on how our expert fitness coaches could help you then don’t hesitate to contact us here.