Motivation for better wellbeing as you mature and being aware of the implications of your lifestyle

As you mature there are somethings that you can’t avoid but they can be delayed and prevented. I’m not speaking from experience by being older. I’m not, however some of my family and clients are in an age bracket that I see what can help their wellbeing. Lots of people tend to forget about their bodies as they work and work away day in day out. Not knowing what harm they are doing by not using them. Until they get to a point when they have so much motivation because they have to work twice as hard to get back what they have lost through years of neglect.

There are some things you may realise earlier on when you have your first grandchild or want to play a sport you once loved. You won’t have the same body as you did in your youth. I want to show you that it’s not too late to start something to improve certain areas of your body. This will help you live longer and move better without complications.

Wanting to be more mobile

If you had/have a desk job then you will tend to have tight hips and hamstrings. If they are tight I’m sure your upper back and shoulders are too. They are all connected and to improve them the hips are the first target for improvement. You need to start to walk more and stretch areas slowly that need to be stretched. With years of having a desk job it won’t be straight forward and will take time for you to see results.  You need to make it part of your lifestyle for it to have a benefit on your life.

Feeling of more energy

Your body is a strange but wonderful machine if you start to use it in the way that it’s supposed to be used you will feel more energetic. Different hormones will start to be released and the feeling of lethargy won’t be with you that much. You will feel that your able to go and play football with your grandson instead of having a snooze. This motivation to stay healthy and active to be able to do these things is so great in some people. Because it gives them a pleasure that is hard to describe in words.

Having more quality time with kids and grand kids

You won’t just have a better time when looking after your grandkids but you will also be able to do it for longer. It is fear of not being able to have quality time with the people you love that motivates us the most. This scenario applies to more than just grandkids but also if you had kids later on in life. Let’s say 40, 50 or 60 if you’re male, when your kids are 20 you might be 60, 70 or 80. So having that greater motivation pushes you in a different way to if you’re younger.

Last note:

At NK Fitness I look after people with scenarios just like the ones I have mentioned above. Personal training in Windsor isn’t just about weight lose but also the ability to live a long and happy life.