Medicine: movement and healthy food is medicine for the body

As modern humans you are always looking for the easy way. We don’t give our bodies the chance to get stronger and better by themselves. Especially when you are sick, you will tend to go straight for the medicine (paracetamol) if you have a headache. We don’t tend to think “well if I just feed my body the right food and moved more it will start to get better”.

The better we know what our bodies are capable off the less we tend to use modern drugs to help us get better. I know what my body needs when I have a cold. It need the right nutrition so it has the right enforcement to fight off the unwanted bugs. After it has fought of the virus it will know how to do it again if it repeats.

Food is medicine

Food is medicine for our bodies and the better we look after them the better they will look after use. If you feed it bad food, then you are going to get to have to deal with the consequences. If you feed it the right foods you won’t be unhealthy. Getting the right micro and macro nutrients into your body will help you nourish the body so it doesn’t need modern medicine.

Movement is medicine

The body’s ability to move has to be used that is one of the reasons we are alive. Without moving you would just be like a computer. Moving helps activate certain aspects of our bodies that help us survive and stay healthy. Like if you go for a run certain hormones get released into the body. This make us feel good and make us go to sleep at night. Without this we become stagnant and most likely will gain weight.

Breathing is medicine

Deep breathing is something we don’t hardly do, unless we practice it or jump in a cold shower where we have to practice it. Breathing helps circulate oxygen around the body to create healthy cells. Which then helps use feel better in our bodies. Think about it, when do you really inflate your lungs to maximum capacity. We need oxygen to survive so you better start breathing deep to get the maximum amount into your body.

Last note:

These 3 aspects of life should be taught at a young age so that we have a healthy society for generations to come. We have so many diseases that are based on a lack of the above and it’s pretty simple to live a healthy life if you ask me. As a personal trainer in Windsor, I like to incorporate these principles into training not just myself but others around me.