People have varying reasons for using the services of a personal trainer.  Whatever the reason, almost all of them do not feel that they can be as effective without one.  Some get in touch because they feel that they don’t have the expertise to execute their fitness goals on their own.  Many others, simply are not able to sustain a fitness programme by themselves.  That’s where the accountability of working with a trainer can make a difference.  However, it doesn’t always help.

Having been an Ascot personal trainer for several years now, I will often help out friends and family with free advice.  Quite often this will be an exercise suggestion or a solution to a training schedule problem.  Every now and then I may design an exercise session or programme and send it to a friend.  Whilst grateful at the time, the vast majority of these people fail to follow through with the programme.  This can be very irritating – it’s a waste of my time and effort.  Why would someone ask for help and then ignore the training programme that’s in front of them?


The value in paying for your Ascot personal trainer

It doesn’t create the same accountability as a paid personal training session.  If something is free, then the same value is not being attached to it as something that we’ve had to pay for.  The advice or training programme may be exactly the same, but it simply isn’t perceived as being as valuable.  If something is seen as valuable then we are more willing to part with our hard earned cash for it.  The moment we make a financial investment to work with our Ascot personal trainer then we are showing greater buy in and commitment.  Getting something for free just doesn’t hold the same level of importance for many.


If it’s free, it’s not as good?

Free advice isn’t as good as paid advice?  This is the bit I find crazy.  Sure, I may not be making the schedule look shiny or I may simply be writing it on a piece of paper or an email, but I’ve used the same level of knowledge and experience.  In fact it would be harder for me to design advice that wasn’t using the best of experience and knowledge because it takes longer.


People at different stages of the fitness journey

Those in the market for freebies are not in the same place as those willing to pay.  They are different stages of the fitness journey.  Someone who is looking for a free bit of advice from a mate is a very different stage than the individual who is seeking to employ an experienced Ascot personal trainer.  The latter is making it a priority and is clearly ready to take a leap of faith to realise their goals.  The former likes the idea but not sure about putting the work in.



Very rarely do I give out free programmes these days.  They tend to be a waste of my time.  Of course I love discussing people’s training with them and am happy to throw in some food for thought.  However, if you want to genuinely achieve results then you can’t beat paying for expertise of an Ascot personal trainer.  In fact it represents better value for money than not paying.