Pre-workout: The natural way to increase energy levels before woking out

Pre-workout, the food you eat before you exercise. As a personal trainer in Windsor I have had many clients turn up to a session of mine without eating before hand. I usually find this out half way through the workout. When my client start to show signs of tiredness or going pail in the skin. The pale skin is the usual sign of low blood sugar levels. Which indicates my client hasn’t eaten food for the last 4 hours.

I’m going to share with you a couple pre-workout tips that I regularly use.

Banana before exercise

A banana for your pre-workout snack is great. It has a number of slow and fast release carbohydrates.  This is a brilliant source of food to give you instant energy and longer lasting energy. There are a number of fruits that have a high sugar content that will do the same job.

Oats for breakfast

I know that oats are a great slow release carbohydrate and they can keep me going right up to lunchtime. If you workout in the morning you will want to add some other fast release carbs for instant energy. I would add honey and raisins if I know I have a tough workout to get through. If you don’t workout in the morning. I would take the fast release carbs out because you aren’t going to put them to use.

Hydrate your body

The body is made of 90% water so it needs water for it to function sufficiently. A number of athletes take on a number of litres of liquid before an event. You have to treat your workout like an athlete treats his/her event. Sipping your water will help your body keep liquids onboard instead of guzzling water which will go straight through the body. If you want your body to work properly without cramping because the lack of minerals start drinking water before and during exercise.

Best time to eat carbs

If you want energy for the gym eating carbs prior is best. An hour before exercise is a good time to eat so the food can be digested and absorbed into the body. Starting to treat your body like on engine will make you put the best fuel in it. The body doesn’t quite work like an engine, the food eaten takes time to digest so that it can be used as fuel.

Instant energy from sugar can be good when needed however not always. The sugar found in food is absorbed instantly and used quickly. Running out of energy within the first 20 minutes in the gym can be draining. Adding slow realised carbs into your diet can take this issue. So I suggest eating a balance between fast and slow release carbs for when you really need them.

Last word

If your doing either anaerobic or aerobic exercise you will need a pre-workout snack. The body needs it as fuel for you to get the best out of your workout.