PT clients: How to keep client engaged when you see then more than 3 times a week

If you see your PT clients more than 3 times a week. You don’t want them to get bored of training with you. As a trainer I know that the main exercises like squats and deadlifts have to be done every week.  This is because I know that they will stimulate the body in the right way to get results. They might not want to do them every week because its repetitive and can get boring.  I would like to tell you a couple of ways to keep training interesting but still get the fundamentals exercises done.

Keeping things interesting

The many different variable sets to work during training are there for you to use. If you have a client that you have been training for a while. You will want to add in drop sets when a plateau is starting to appear. Also they will want a tougher workout to challenge them more so you can add tri-sets and giant sets to their routine. This will enable you to keep the client moving during the session without rest. Making it more productive for them with minimal rest, allowing you to add more into the session.

Introducing new exercises

Personal training in Windsor is a hard job, there are so many personal trainers to work with PT clients. As a personal trainer you have to make yourself different from the rest. One way of doing this is making sure that you introduce a new exercises from your exercise library. This keep things fresh for the client making sure they have learnt something new. They possibly would surprise themselves with what they have done. Therefore leaving them stunned with amazement.

Pushing the weight, tempo, sets or reps up and down

Changing the weight, sets and reps for a periodised workout plan is crucial to gain strength with PT clients. It is very easy to continue doing 10 reps all the time with a client. This will get to easy for them so you will either have to change the weight or the reps to push them a little more.

I like to add weight every week if I’m doing a strength programme with a client. Only by 2.5 Kg, this way it doesn’t let the body get used to the weight before.

However if the equipment is minimal and you are Windsor great park or Battesea park. you will wont have the weight variable to play around with. This is where you have to change the tempo and the reps and sets.