Your body makes quick decisions for you if you know it or not. You can feel it when when someone walks in the room. You will make your decision about that person in the first 2 seconds. The opinion will come from how they stand and what expressions are on the face. Your decision might change over time but that first impression will still be there with you. Most of the time we stick to the decision that we make the first time around. This is why the first impression is so important when you meet someone or someone sees you perform.


Your instinct or whether you should take an opportunity comes from the decision making your body does for you naturally. Your brain has an adaptive unconscious which is like a big computer in your head (brain) that quickly and quietly processes a lot of data for us to make a decision quickly and most of the time under pressure.

Making an opinion about someone in the first 2 seconds

How often have you meet with someone new in a social event, sporting event or at work. And you have made the decision that you don’t like them or you are better then them. This comes from the first initial meeting. You can’t change what they behaved like or what they move like with a football etc. Its your first response that you use to make sure you don’t get hurt, avoid that person or make a quick decision on if you can beat them in on the field or court.

Translating quick decisions in sport

In sport you don’t have a lot of time to stop and think about all the options that you can do with the ball. especially in a fast paced game. Where you have to think on your feet is something doesn’t go to a game plan. Your brain naturally does it for you. Imagine you are drilling the ball up the basketball court. Your team are with you but they are all marked by another man on the opposite team. You see a quick opportunity to go for the drive to the basket. the natural reaction would be to go for it and see if you can beat your opponent from stoping you. This will happen really quickly and your quick decisions will come from the opinion of that your defender looks like. He/she might be of balance or not in the right place. This is a quick decision to make so your take it.

Last note

When I got for my personal training consultations in Windsor I want to make sure that the potential client feels comfortable that I can deliver what they want. I know that they will make there quick decisions about me in the first 2 seconds. And I can go through the whole consultation knowing that they won’t/will work with me just because of how I greeted them at the first interaction. So I make sure that how I want to come across is absolutely the way I want to come across as a personal trainer.