Sleeping for better strength and hypertrophy results as a PT

As a personal trainer you have to wake up early and sometime go to bed later than expected, this can impact your sleeping. You also have the want to workout to make sure that as a PT you also look the part. These two aspects of a being a trainer can be very stressful. I know a lot of trainers that work early morning and late evening and are also able to get a workout in. How do you get the energy and ability to recover even though you’re working so hard?

How do you recover?

A usual PT’s sleeping patterns are very different, you sleep through the night like everyone else. However you also go to sleep earlier that means giving up any down time in the evening. But also you get up earlier but sometimes you don’t get the right amount of sleep. So you end up having what the Spanish call a siesta, a nap in the middle of the day to make up for lost sleep.

Your diet has to be amazing

A sleep deprived trainer has to find energy from areas that normal working adults don’t. You will notice if your diet is rubbish you will start to feel lethargic because of the spikes in insulin. You have to eat lots of vitamins and minerals to keep your body nourished. But you also have to put in quality carbs and proteins so that you can work for longer. I know first-hand what it like when you’re on the go and all you want is more food. So the closest thing you put in your body is a meal deal from Tesco. We all know that this isn’t the best meal but it something. Now I know that if I have a long day I have to pack a big lunch with snacks.

Hypertrophy and strength

When you are training people you will also be training yourself. Whether that is to get stronger, bigger or faster. They will all require a good diet, lots of sleep and self-care. If you as a trainer are lacking in one of these area’s you might want to change something. You will start to see the benefit of the change and will thank yourself for it.

Hypertrophy and strength require a lot of rest and therefore you will have to give up something to be able to accomplish your goals as a trainer. You might have to change your workout structure during the week to see if it has an impact on your growth. What I mean by this is adjust how many reps and sets you do during your workout. You might get the same results for less work. There is no point in pushing harder than is required.

Last note:

Many personal trainers in Windsor get caught up with clients that they forget to focus on there own goals. You have to make time for the gym. Especially on the days when time is limited and all you can get done is a 35 minute workout. Every busy PT has been in that position