There are times when we have to train alone.   Some athletes will perform all of their conditioning training alone.   Others will have varying levels of access to training partners and personal trainers to help them through.   It is clear that you need much more than motivation to get the most from training alone.  In strength and conditioning training technique is king, so you need to know what you are doing and how to do it.  Failing to observe proper technique can limit performance, restrict progress and increase your risk of injury.


Is your strength and conditioning training database full?

Whatever conditioning training we perform has technical cues.  These cues form the basis of good technique.  For example, an athlete performing squats will need to consider:

  • Feet positioned to face forwards.
  • Brace the spine to maintain good upper body posture throughout – the spine is in line.
  • Sit back through the Hips to keep weight distributed through the mid foot.
  • Keep the knees out to prevent Valgus knee movement.
Conditioning Training is more effective with a Fulham Personal Trainer
A Conditioning Coach will ensure proper exercise technique.


However, many people may not be aware of the techniques required to perform an exercise properly.  This is when training alone can be ineffective at best and hazardous at worst.   Having someone observe your technique and offer positive feedback is extremely valuable.  Experienced and knowledgeable Fulham Personal Trainers can correct flaws to maximise your conditioning training.  Indeed, I often get feedback from my colleagues who make me aware of technical flaws I cannot perceive myself.  Our ability to train alone can be restricted by our knowledge and experience.


Finding a suitable fitness coach

Not everyone has the budget for their own personal trainer in Fulham but it shouldn’t mean you miss out on coaching.  There are some excellent online fitness trainers and strength and conditioning coaches.  Programmes can be tailored to your needs and your budget.  Good online coaching provides scope for feedback to the client via regular consultations.  There are also good workouts published online.  YouTube is a good source of workouts but beware.  Whilst you can see the tv, no one can see you!

One of my fitness bootcamp clients proudly announced that she performs YouTube workouts.  Every squat she performs there is a slight valgus knee displacement.  This is when the knee travels inside the line of the foot.  It is a sign of weak glutes and poor movement mechanics, as well as a precursor to a number of overuse injuries.  At my bootcamp she receives external feedback.  I correct her knee movement continually.  Moving correctly will keep her moving safely during her primary activity which is running.


The bottom line

Whether its a personal trainer or a training partner.  Whether it’s an online programme or a generic YouTube conditioning session.  Underestimate the value of feedback at your peril.  Search the internet for inspiration if you need to but be sure to source a workout that coaches you to the max.